Fixed multi-band equipment with braces

A fixed brace, is composed of bands, brackets, wires and various additional elements which are located in the dental arch. We use all available high quality materials and technically advanced products for the treatment which also has high aesthetic demands during the treatment period.

We work with systems like individualized brackets called; INSIGNIA

These systems consist of self-ligating orthodontic brackets where the wire is held by a built-in cover lock. Because less force is required compared to the conventional locks to move the teeth and molars, the duration of treatment is shortened and the ultimate goal is achieved more quickly. An additional advantage is that the periodic replacement of the rubber bands and iron wires around the clasps a thing of the past. What is important in a brace brackets is a good oral hygiene and that there are no hard and sticky foods should be consumed due to breakage of the bracket.

Smiledesigner Orthodontist Invisible treatment


We are also using a sophisticated bracket system: the Damon system completely individualized for your smile and teeth using digital 3D techniques Insignia.

Hidden in the small “lock” on the tooth is located, the three-dimensional control for that tooth. The final position on the tooth and the choice of the thread will always be individually determined by us. There has never been a default position because you too are not standard.

Each face is unique and therefore each bracket too. Therefore, we design a unique bracket for each tooth. At the beginning of the treatment, we already know how the final state can be. We use virtual software technology Insignia to translate the desired end result to your starting position and can design the required equipment. With great precision you will be designed equipment and with great precision the virtual situation is transferred to your mouth over the “jigs” (silly little) containing the brackets

Smiledesigner Orthodontist removeable braces

About removable devices

Removable braces are colourful plastic made with screws and wire elements as fixed and movable elements. This both tooth movements, as well as the control of the growth are made. These include active expansion plates and functional orthodontic appliances, as bionators or activators. These devices have a limited but effective use of the framework. We offer these devices in all colours and designs featuring fun deposit!

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