Lingual braces

You want really invisible braces? Then you’ve found the right place with SmileDesigner®. We are the most prestigious lingual practice having the most cases of treatment in the Netherlands. Dr. Christina von Massow is one of the most experienced lingual specialists in the country. Discuss your tailor-made and individual treatment plan with her and get to know all the advantages of a lingual braces.


The system is virtually invisible and thus represents an optimal solution for patients for whom a visible orthodontic therapy is out of the question for professional or personal reasons.

You no longer have to explain to anyone why you have opted for a dental correction and can keep your spontaneous smile.

A broad treatment spectrum

In general, the invisible braces are a real alternative to a conventional externally fixed braces, as they cover the entire treatment spectrum.

Precision by manufacture

The lingual apparatus is handcrafted to German quality standards by specialised dental technicians at DW Lingual Systems. There, an individual WIN device is created for each patient. This leads to a higher precision of the apparatus and thus to a perfect treatment result.

Less risks

With fixed braces on the outside, in case of poor oral hygiene, descaling with white spots on the tooth surfaces around the bracket can occur. This can not happen with the lingual appliance, as the outside of the tooth surfaces remains bare. As a recent scientific study shows, the risk of developing a caries precursor as a result of treatment is almost five times lower for internal braces than for external systems. Thus, the inside braces are the gentlest for the teeth.

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