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SmileDesigner is the leading Invisalign specialist in The Hague area, specialising in aesthetic braces. Thanks to our years of experience and our use of the most modern technologies, we are the practice of choice for a successful Invisalign treatment. SmileDesigner is one of the top 3 representatives of the Invisalign brace in the Netherlands.

What are the advantages of an Invisalign brace?

Almost invisible

Thanks to the transparent Invisalign aligners, the brace is almost invisible.


The smooth surface of the Invisalign aligners adhere perfectly to the teeth, allowing for a more subtle dental adjustment. Without the irritating brackets or wires, patients thus experience less pain from the treatment.

No restrictions on eating

Because the Invisalign aligners can be removed, you are not restricted in the food you eat. This is in contrast to a traditional brace, with which you have to avoid hard or sticky foods. Fixed braces also run the risk of becoming damaged when you eat hard foods.

Fewer appointments

The nature of the Invisalign aligners and their weekly replacement makes emergencies a thing of the past. This is not so with traditional braces, where careless eating can result in parts of a fixed brace breaking off or sticking out, necessitating an emergency appointment. Aligner treatment appointments are also less frequent and shorter. You can therefore plan your appointments better and spend less time on your Invisalign treatment.

Easy oral hygiene

The easily removable aligners mean that your oral hygiene can continue unchanged. You can brush your teeth as normal and then simply put the Invisalign aligners back in your mouth. Traditional braces require the teeth to be brushed thoroughly after every meal with several different brushes to avoid tooth decay and decalcification. This is inconvenient and time consuming.

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Invisalign Virtual Care
Invisalign Virtual Care

Invisalign Virtual Care

With our Invisalign Virtual Care App, we can monitor your progress. We give patients the starter package with a cheek retractor and instructions. Once the Invisalign App has been downloaded, you will be asked to regularly upload pictures that we can monitor from our office. We have zoom appointments with our invisalign patients so we can check progress.


Are Invisalign braces always possible?

No, it not always possible to have Invisalign braces. If you want to know whether it is an option for you, you can schedule an appointment at the practice.

Are Invisalign really invisible?

Thanks to the transparent Invisalign aligners, the brace is almost invisible.

Do I also need to wear elastics with Invisalign braces?

Yes, if we want to adjust the position of the jaws, elastics will also need to be worn with the Invisalign braces.

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