Fixed Braces

A fixed brace uses bands, brackets (or locks), wires and other elements. We use high quality materials and technologically advanced products. We work with a laboratory which customizes the brackets for each patient.

This brace uses self-ligating brackets. These brackets leave more room for the teeth move, resulting in less pain for the patient. They also hold on to less dental plaque than conventional brackets. This improves dental hygiene, which is crucially important in keeping the teeth healthy.


About this type of bracket

The orthodontic wire is kept in place by a built-in cover lock. This provides the teeth with more space in which to move, thus shortening the treatment time and enabling the end goal to be reached more quickly. Furthermore, with this brace, the periodic replacement of the elastic bands surrounding the brackets is a thing of the past.

Customised brackets

SmileDesigner uses 3D technologies for the customisation and fitting of braces. We are one of the few practices in the Netherlands using this innovative technique. Customising of brackets uses precise laboratory work to fit the brace directly onto a digital dental model, thereby avoiding the need to fit each bracket individually in the mouth of the patient.

The outcome? Customising brackets enables higher precision when fitting the brace, requires shorter treatment time and ensures greater patient comfort.

We use a new and innovative laboratory procedure for these customized brackets. In our knowledge base you can find the entire flow from digital scan to placing the actual brackets.

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