Which braces are available?

SmileDesigner works with fixed brackets (Damon System), Invisalign, the lingual brace and specialist equipment for young children. Only after an extensive inventory of your needs and wishes will we decide, with you, which type of brace is the most suitable to provide maximum support for the required treatment.


Invisalign is one of the most comfortable braces, allowing for subtle movement of the teeth. This brace is transparent. SmileDesigner is the most experienced Invisalign specialist in The Hague area and is one of the top 3 specialists in the Netherlands. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have DIAMOND II status. This means that you receive a 46% discount on Invisalign technical costs.

WIN lingual brace

With lingual brackets, the clasps are on the back of the teeth, making this brace completely invisible. Each lingual brace is individually custom-made. This ensures very precise tooth movement, making it possible to deal with very complex dental problems. Dr. Christina von Massow is the most specialised orthodontist in the field of lingual braces in the Netherlands, with a Master of Science in the subject.

Fixed brackets
A fixed brace uses brackets, wires and bands. We work with the Damon System. The brackets for this brace come in 2 different colours. We have the less visible ceramic (transparent) brackets and metal (silver) brackets.

We also work with other removable braces/ trainers. These are primarily used by children.

What can you expect during your first appointment?
During your first appointment, our assistant will meet you and make a digital scan of your teeth. Once the scan and photos are complete, you will be met by the orthodontist who will use the scan to discuss your teeth with you. She will look to see what needs to be done and explain your options.

We will take two more x-rays after you have seen the orthodontist and discussed everything. We will then draw up a treatment and financial plan for you to take home with you. At your next appointment we will place your chosen brace.

What are the average treatment costs?

Prices for orthodontic treatment in the Netherlands are set by the government. You pay the same price wherever you go. There are, however, differences: each orthordontist determines which materials and methods they work with. SmileDesigner works exclusively with high quality materials which correctly support the treatment method and ensure a good and durable result.

All the information about fees are on this page.

What happens if the problems I have with my teeth are so complex that other professionals also have to get involved?

Even if you have complex problems with your teeth, SmileDesigner is the right place for you. Dr. Christina von Massow is an experienced orthodontist who, together with her team, is specialised in treating complex dental problems. Should it be necessary to involve specialists from other fields, Dr. Christina von Massow has a broad network with whom she collaborates. Examples include dental surgeons and speech therapists.