Sometimes unfortunately something broke on the bracket, you should always call the practice, even if you already have an appointment. It could be necessary that we need to schedule or earlier need to make an appointment more time. Should outside the opening practice acute urgency / pain are can call the emergency phone number: 0900-8212230 / 020-3034500.

The emergency phone is only for patients who are with us in practice under treatment.

For certain issues, you can do something yourself sometimes in advance to reduce the discomfort:


Q | If the loose bracket is broken or does really hurt
Leave the bracket and contact us by phone during business hours.
Q | There’s a loose clasp
Slide the lock to the neighboring lock and tape it down with sugar-free gum or wax. If the lock is off, leave it off.

Contact us by phone during business hours.

Q | The fixed bracket slightly scratches my cheek or tongue
Try to cover the offending portion of the bracket with sugarless gum or wax. If this fails and continues to irritate, you can in extreme distress cut the wire, for example, scissors, pliers or nail clippers / scissors.

Contact us by phone during business hours.

Q | There’s a ring (band) to choose my release to my fixed bracket
If you are getting discomfort from the ring, you can use sugarless gum or wax coating. Stop wearing rubber bands as that should be attached to the loose ring. Let the loose strap just sit.

Make an appointment during opening hours to fix the ring again.

Q | My splint is loose
Leave the splint if it is still attached. Use sugarless gum to cover any protruding parts. The splint is completely detached? Keep the splint and then maybe it can be placed back.

Contact us by phone during business hours.

Q | There are several locks loose as a result of an accident
Please contact your dentist when teeth are too damaged / painful. Whether this will require an orthodontic consultation or not, will be discussed with you.
dentist365If you require emergency treatment, please contact Dental 365.
For further information, you can look at this article by The Hague Online.
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