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Making a digital scan of your teeth

SmileDesigner uses 3D technologies for the customisation and fitting of braces. We are one of the few practices in the Netherlands using this innovative technique.

What is the customising of brackets?

Customising of brackets uses precise laboratory work to fit the brace directly onto a digital dental model, thereby avoiding the need to fit each bracket individually in the mouth of the patient.

What is the advantage of customised brackets?

The outcome? Customising brackets enables higher precision when fitting the brace, requires shorter treatment time and ensures greater patient comfort.

What is the laboratory procedure for customising the brackets?

Indirect Bonding 3D-Model-From-Scan01

Importing the model from the scanner, alignment and repair of scan failures

Indirect Bonding  3D-Model-From-Scan02

Cutting and making the 3d print file

Indirect Bonding Preparation-of-printing

Preparation of printing the models with the 3d printer software

Printed 3d models before final treatment (washing and ultraviolet cure)
Finalized 3D models
Putting the brackets on the model
Preparation of the bracket tray

Finished tray with brackets prepared to be placed in the mouth of the patient


Placing the brackets directly onto the teeth


Placing the brackets directly onto the teeth

  1. It all starts with a digital scan of your teeth. We convert this digital scan into a 3D model. Special computer software calculates the correct position of each bracket. These are then marked on the digital model.
  2. Next, a 3D print is made of the digital model in the laboratory indicating  the correct position of each bracket. 
  3. The model is rinsed and treated with ultraviolet light and is then ready for further processing. We now have a 3D print of the digital scan of your teeth which we made during your first consultation. 
  4. With this 3D print of your teeth, we accurately place the brackets so that we can prepare your treatment with greater precision. During this step, a custom composite brace base is created in the lab to provide the best position for each tooth.  After the braces are placed on the 3D model, a special tray or mould is created which is then used to place the brackets directly and precisely on the previously determined positions on your teeth. 
  5. We fit your brace using only the tray with the brackets that we prepared on the 3D model. We place the brackets from the mold directly onto your teeth.

This technique reduces patient treatment time and ensures less discomfort. It also allows us to customise the bracket bases to correctly fit the brace to your teeth with highest precision, thus improving the final result. Good treatment starts with the correct placement of your brace.

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