Bleaching with PrevDent

Teeth-whitening became last decades a real hype. That does not always happen in a professional and safe manner. Fortunately, the legislature decided in 2012 that teeth-whitening may only be offered and performed by the dentist. This is possible with products for home use (so-called bits) or in a treatment of only one to two hours at the dentist himself. PrevDent has a in-office tooth-proved ‘method was developed with the application of nano-hydroxyapatite in combination with a very low content of hydrogen peroxide (only 6%).

Smiledesigner bleaching with Prevdent

How long do the teeth stay white?

Your teeth are as individual and unique as you are and because of that there different resultats.Over generally remain the whitening results PrevDent CrWR – subject to good oral hygiene and regular exposure to foods and drinks – maintained approximately one year.

Is PrevDent safe?

Safe? Hell yes! As the only professional teeth whitening makes PrevDent CrWR using a low percentage of hydrogen peroxide. Thereby PrevDent CrWR is a safe method to display their natural white color your teeth.

Does it hurt?

The PrevDent CrWR process is usually painless. A very small percentage of people experience a mild, dull “pain” after treatment. With a pain reliever that fight well. Incidentally, rinse with little bit warm water often just as effective.

Is the PrevDent treatment suitable for everyone?

Almost everyone who would like whiter teeth wants to benefit from the use of PrevDent CrWR. Even those who have a very strong attack of food, tobacco or tetracycline. Your dentist will determine what is best for you.

How white will my teeth get?

Studies have shown that PrevDent CrWR teeth an average 9 shades whiter. This has been proven by means of the guide for dental nuances which is used by dentists all over the world. The results of course depend on the color of your teeth and your circumstances. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve natural white color best for you. During the consultation, the practitioner will discuss what you can expect in person.

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