Aligners are highly popular clear braces that fit over your teeth. At SmileDesigner we’ve experienced a great demand for this type of treatment. And we can understand why; who wouldn’t want a treatment that is as good as invisible and can give you beautiful and healthy teeth? Although the product itself looks simple and can even be bought from online providers, aligner treatment is not that straightforward. It is just as specialized as any other orthodontic treatment. In this article we tell you some more about this.

The orthodontic aligner specialist

Orthodontic treatment is a medical treatment and orthodontists are specially trained to carry it out competently. All registered orthodontists are professionals who have completed specialized training.

Orthodontic treatment always consists of a thorough preparatory stage, the treatment stage consisting of a number of appointments with your orthodontist and a follow-up stage to ensure that results remain stable.


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The preparatory stage of your aligner treatment

Before embarking on the treatment itself, an orthodontist will always first take a number of x-rays to ensure that your teeth are stable enough to undergo treatment. He or she will then draw up a comprehensive treatment plan. An orthodontist will not be able to provide good quality treatment without this preparatory stage. It brings to light any dental anomalies before treatment commences and thus ensures that teeth are not lost due to unsuitable treatment. The orthodontist will also discuss with you beforehand whether the aligner is the right option for your desired goal. The treatment is followed by a retention phase to ensure that the end result remains stable.

Problems during treatment

Anomalies may develop during the treatment. For example, your dentist may need to replace a crown or filling resulting in the aligners no longer fitting correctly. There may also be other reasons that make a change to the treatment plan necessary. If this is the case, the orthodontist will draw up a new treatment plan, processing the changes into the plan so that you are not faced with any unexpected additional costs.

Liability during your treatment

Sub-standard treatment can damage to your teeth, in some cases permanently. An orthodontist has the responsibility to prevent or repair damage and will do so at all times. They are even insured for this. Check carefully whether this is also the case for the online aligner provider.

Experience with aligners

It is sometimes said that treatment with aligners only takes six months, but this is not the case: treatment takes time and skill. Along with the actual treatment itself, your orthodontist will also provide you with additional sets of aligners to ensure that your teeth move into the desired position.

And of course, you shouldn’t forget that an orthodontist doesn’t only offer professionalism, you also receive personal attention when you are treated at an orthodontic practice.

Our advice? Always make sure you’re fully informed before embarking on any aligner treatment. The wrong decision can cost you the health of your teeth and unnecessary time and money. You can avoid this by going to a specialist in this field.


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