Following the completion of your treatment at SmileDesigner, you will return to us for check-ups. We will keep a close eye on your teeth for two years following treatment to ensure that the results of wearing the brace are maintained and remain stable.

Fixed retention wire

After treatment, we will place a small retention wire behind your front teeth. This fixed retention wire ensures that your teeth stay in the correct position.

Aftercare retainer wire

Night retainer


Alongside the retention wire, you will also be offered a removable night brace. Our advice is to wear the night brace every night for the first year. The wearing of this brace can be phased out over a long period of time, but it is very important to use it. We decide per patient what the best option is.

Post-treatment check-ups are important to ensure the long-term stability of your teeth. They also allow us to take action more quickly should new anomalies appear. These check-ups are not normally monthly but take place approximately four times a year.

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