Where necessary early orthodontic treatment can start for children as early as 4-8 years in order to prevent serious misalignments and correct primary dentition. Feel free to consult Christina if you have a concern in this regard, at this age. Thus contributing to beautiful harmonious smiles as well as ensuring optimal dental function.


Between 9-12 years of age, teenager orthodontic treatment can be initiated in order to take full advantage of the growth process of this age group. By 14-16 years of age greater technical intervention for correction is required given that the optimal adolescent growth phase has already taken place.


For adults, invisible lingual braces and transparent solutions such as rails for orthodontics are available. For head-muscle pain and bruxism (teeth grinding) we recommend removable rails.

Smiledesigner Orthodontic treatment for thumb sucking children
Smiledesigner Invisalign treatment for teenagers
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Heb jij ons al beoordeeld op google ?

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Altijd leuk om een taartje te ontvangen ! Op naar nog vele mooie resultaten met de myobrace 😄

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Overweeg jij een beugel, maar wil niet dat iedereen dat ziet ?

Dan is de linguale beugel een super mooie optie !

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